Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Man

There is one man upon the earth
That so very few know his true worth
He has the right to judge, and the right to test
He has the power to seal, and the power to bless
Through him alone we all must look
His word is from God, His living book
How is it that a man, of flesh and of bone
Can represent God, His mouthpiece alone?
Tis the Priesthood of God this man does bear
Through perfect obedience, he was put there
He is the greatest of men, the noblest one
For God chose him, by He alone it was done
Not the power of man, but by Gods holy law
He is required now to see as his father saw
Souls to be led, unto the rightest of right
God set this man here, to show us His light
He bows with the strain, the load of our souls
If I would Keep Sweet, it would lighten his load
He shall obey God, come what may among men
But some few will see, and they will do then
What God does require, one man humbly obey
To sacrifice self, and live for Heaven each day
Of his human weakness they are not afraid
Too busy in obedience, themselves to make the grade

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