Thursday, December 25, 2008

Grandfather Joe says...

Cases found in the investigation of the YFZ:

Cases of Drug abuse 0
Cases of VD 0
Cases of Alchohol Abuse 0
Cases of Tobacco use 0
Cases of malnutrition 0
Cases of abuse (Non-sexual) 0
Cases of poverty (Squalor) 0
Cases of Family fighting 0
Cases of sub-standard Scholastic abilities in children 0
Cases of thievery, mischievous-ness or juvenile violence 0
Cases of financial irresponsibility 0
Cases involving firearms 0
Cases of Pornography 0
Cases of suicidal tendencies 0
Cases of tax fraud or evasion 0

My question is: Why has not the CPS addressed these facts in their wonderful all inclusive report?

1 There has been no instances or indications of abortion among the FLDS
2 There are no instances or indications where there are children
that are not wanted and loved by their siblings or parents.
3 There are no instances among the children of the ranch where they
considered themselves "victims." (They are only victims because the
CPS says they are)
Just some more food for thought.

Grandfather Joe

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand Grandfather, CPS warned all the people in Fort Concho that all the women of the FLDS had STDs didn't they?

Could they have been lying through their teeth?