Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I want to invite all who have an FLDS view to be included in this blog, I actually feel rather silly being the only one who writes here.

Of course there are different perspectives even within my own family, let alone the entire religion, and so I actually don't post as much here as I could. I try to limit myself in my writing too much about what I think personally. I think I will start another Blog that has my own views about more topics, and I hope those who read this from the FLDS religion will either send me things to write or email me and be added to the contributors of this blog.

I went back and read many signatures from that petition to the Senate, and those kinds of personal opinions, the wide and all inclusive ones, will help stem the tide of ALLOWABLE religious persecution and popular bigotry. The more who write out here the better, especially those who, unlike me, know what you are talking about. :O)

If you want to be completely anonymous, that is fine, just email me at pligchild@gmail.com. Or if you want me to address something I might know about.

Thanks a bunch!


Mar said...

I continue to be very concerned and pray for the FLDS mothers that I saw on tv and read about in the news. My heart goes out to them and I am wondering where they are and how they are managing. Of course it is difficult for those of us on the outside to comprehend a different lifestyle, but I do think we love the same God and want to serve Him. Politics are something I hate and the entire invasion of a community was inexcusable to me. While the strong language and hate filled comments are counterproductive in my way of thinking, I do deeply long for a better understanding between Christians and freedom from any kind of oppression in our world. I still think of the ladies who bravely spoke to reporters and then later the fathers who were willing to be interviewed and explain what happened at the YFZ Ranch. Where are they now? There were many of us really praying and pulling for Monica, Merilyn, Sally, Marie, Janet - that they might be reunited with their children and all this resolved. I so wish to hear word of how they are doing. Is there a place I can read of an update? Thank you.

Linda Lamb

Dusred said...


Visit http://www.truthwillprevail.org for updates on the events of the Raid in Texas. Also visit http://www.captivefldschildren.org for other information including pictures and videos.


I'm FLDS and I enjoy reading your blog. Keep the good articles coming I think you're doing great!


Pliggy said...

Well, dus, what do you think about it?

Dusred said...

I think you're doing great. I've followed and read each article since you started it and so far you've been spot on. I don't really know of much I could add, really.

Pliggy said...

Well, I don't like to be alone, only because many folks think I am speaking on things I don't know.

Perhaps they are right :)

Another prospective would be nice. Like personal experiences with Wisans goons etc.

Dusred said...

I haven't had any personal encounters with Wisan . . . well unless you count the time he broke into the Meeting House and broke up the meeting; I guess I was there when that happened but I didn't encounter him personally.

Pliggy said...

He what?

Anonymous said...

There are others that know more about it than I. Wisan was involved. He was seen in the parking lot that morning. The Saturday work meeting was abrubtly ended, and everyone was asked to peacefully leave, which was done. Our whole congregation quietly left while people uknown to us scanned over us to locate individuals they wanted to detain/serve/arrest. They came to our church service to take over the meeting and call forward wanted individuals! We did not feel to agree with that.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Allen "Pliggy" Holm:

I smiled to myself whilst reading your latest post excusing yourself for being the only voice on this blog. On the contrary, sir, we have heard not only from yourself but also from Davy Crockett as well as Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and others who although they spoke so long ago speak for us today in situations they themselves worked so hard to prevent.

That was a major reason I would find myself returning to this blog.
Each time I would think 'wow, how timely today are these words spoken more than a hundred years ago'. I had hoped you could continue in this vein with some more recent quotations interspersed there from anyone who has something as grandly insightful as those posts here have been. (I think of LSJ Sermons circa 1953/54 and others.)

That's my insignificant opinion, of course, but I thought it worth telling you that your content made coming to this blog worth the effort. Yes, we heard from Al Holm, but his with many other voices past and present.

Do keep it up!

Ruth E. Barlow

Pliggy said...

That was very kind of you Ruth. I do appreciate it very much.

I have my opinion about things, but I am hesitant to consider myself FLDS. I wish I was, but in all honest reality I am not. I look at this blog as a place for outsiders to understand the lifestyle and the doctrines of the FLDS, as I know as much about them as anyone. But I am still not FLDS and seeing the title, "FLDS View", I feel like I am being somewhat dishonest, and it is depressing to realize it.

Anonymous said...

You can be FLDS in heart so that you can someday be it again. Heavenly Father reads your heart and knows when you are sincere and worthy to be blessed again. Depending on your sinceriy within will help Him decide what is best for you. He still loves you and smiles upon your good. Believe in yourself and keep up the good work.

T. Holm said...

I Just wanted to make a small comment. I am FLDS, and a happy one too. I feel unworthy to be apart of such a marvelous work. I look forward to the day when all men can worship as they please.