Sunday, February 15, 2009


Can you tell by the words I am saying, how I feel? Can you tell by what I wrote yesterday if I was laughing, crying, mad, or sad when I said it? No, you cannot. I have often been told that I should calm down when I was beyond calm when they said it. I have had this experience many many times. You cannot infer meaning from context you have no clue about.

My wonderful Tutoring teacher gave us a demonstration. She had her little tot in her arms and she spoke in a very kind and soothing motherly voice "You are the ugliest little monster ever" and the babe smiled.

Then she startled everyone by saying "I love you!" really loud with a gruff voice, and the child began to cry.

My point being, you cannot tell how one feels, or their intentions, by the written words you read from them, in a very great way. Most especially if you are reading what was never intended for you to read. You can tell that they actually said it, but you cannot understand intent unless you know who the person is, and what kind of person they are. I often write what I think, not expecting anyone else to read it, and later look at it and wonder what "I" was thinking!

Most people actually read what they want to believe INTO what they are reading. You cannot know without knowing the person, what their intentions are. You can only try to understand from their prospective, that is, if you WANT to.



Carol said...

I make no judgement Pliggy. I have read the words which were not for my eyes. I have tried to understand the meaning in them, not what they are saying or others opinion of the meaning. There is much to think on privately, not on a blog with witches cackling and screaming.
I am truely sorry for the hurt and damage this has caused.
I will continue keeping you all in my prayers.

Pliggy said...

Thank you Carol. And I you.